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25-protector_1PROTECTOR, Princesses of Myth #1

To love and protect…across worlds.

Eighteen-year-old Faith Stryker is prepared to leap out into the unknown world beyond her home shores of New Zealand to experience life. Only she never expected to encounter Magio, a planet with two warring countries, where its people reach adulthood at eighteen by coming into their strength and prophetic abilities. Only after Faith discovers she’s a Halfling—thanks to her warrior father she’s never met—does her own skill of forethought develop.

Peacio’s Prince Davio Loveria is sent to the young Faith Stryker by his grandfather, but not all goes as planned. Davio discovers Faith isn’t just a Halfling, she’s also his soul-bound mate—an intense relationship he cannot, nor will not, give up.

With two wars now waging…one of land and the other of the heart…can the young couple find their place in the world?

Protector, #1
Warrior, #2
Enchanter, #3
Healer, #4
Chaser, #5
Pirate Princess, $6
Hunter #7 (Short Story 12,000 words) Slots into series at #2.5


Davio leaned over me, all six foot four of him, his warm honey-brown hair falling forward to curl snugly around his neck, and I longed for him, just as I had during my first sighting of him in the classroom.

“Why do I suddenly want you this close?”

“What’s happening is the bond, my mate. It will become difficult for me to keep my distance from you, both physically and emotionally. The same goes for you, unless of course I leave and end this now.”

“You really want to leave?” My heart hitched and I swayed closer. “Is that how this bond works? We find each other and then you leave?”

“No, it never happens that way. Those who are mated are bonded for life if we allow our souls their desire, except that would be the most unwise choice for us to take. You are, quite clearly, neither from my country nor from my world, and as such will have no allegiance to me or my people. I have no wish to join with one who doesn’t wish to join with me in all ways. With that being the case, I will find another when the time is right. As should you,” he added solemnly.

“Hold on.” Did he just say he would be joining with another woman?

I bit my tongue. That was good? I should leave it at that, right?

Jeez, what was wrong with me for questioning that choice?

“I’m sorry. We just met, and you’re right. Go find your, your—” Strangely, I struggled to get the words out and finally gave up. “Well, have yourself a nice long life, and all that.” I patted his chest roughly.

That was better.

The clock ticked and time slowed.

He didn’t move.

“Look at me.” With one finger sliding under my chin, he tipped my gaze to his. “This would never work.”

“I understand. It’s been pretty awful meeting you. I certainly don’t want to be bonded to you for life.” I tried to pull my mind from the soft spot where I’d bedded down, but had no luck. I actually detested the thought of letting go.

Perhaps I’d try physically first. I leaned back, only he moved his hand around to the small of my back and prevented me.

I gripped his arm. “Okay, you were going.