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Chaser, Princesses of Myth #5

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Goldie must embrace a new world, new rules, and a defiant protector she secretly wants. Continue the journey with the Princesses of Myth in this adventurous novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Joanne Wadsworth.

To love and protect…across worlds.

The two warring nations on planet Magio have now been united under a leading team of eight—four warriors from Dralion and four protectors from Peacio—a team who must now work together to bring their divided nations back together as one.

Goldie Wincrest is a princess of Dralion, cursed with a skill she’s never disclosed to another, an ability outlawed from their world centuries ago. She is a Chaser, one who must fight the deadly pull of her assassin ability, only she can no longer trust either herself or her fragmented thoughts any longer. There is only one pathway open to her, to choose her Destroyer and to give him the power he needs to see to her death should she go completely Dark.

Sorrell Sona is a fierce protector, a fighter of unparalleled strength, and when Goldie shares the knowledge of her outlawed ability with him, he is left in a terrible position. He must choose whether he can be her Destroyer should she become one of the Dark, or instead take a chance on seeking to be her savior.

Can he slay a princess of their world should she turn, or is he in too deep with her?


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The Princesses of Myth series will always be incredibly special to me. This is the first ever series which I dreamed up in 2009–with a huge cast and draft copies of four books written that year–drafts which would eventually become the foundation for this series. From those drafts, I rewrote the first book, PROTECTOR, then managed to secure my first ever publishing contract. This series is in fact the one that launched my writing career, to what it has become today. I met my amazing editors through this series, as well as authors from the same publishing house who I now consider awesome friends, but best of all, I’ve met all of you, my wonderful readers, who’ve embraced all my stories and come with me on this magical journey I’ve embarked on. I couldn’t have done this without you. Your wonderful reviews and messages, I take straight into my heart. You’ve asked me for more books in the Princesses of Myth series, and I’m right there with you. More books are coming after CHASER. If you’d like to, check out the end of the post for the cover to the next book in this series, PIRATE PRINCESS.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt below for a taste of what’s to come in CHASER.




I thudded down on a crunchy matting of fallen leaves and pine nettles and almost lost my balance as Sorrell released me. I wobbled at the edge of a sheer cliff where it fell away with rolling forested hills spread out far into the distance. A thick layer of gray cloud swept across the sky, from horizon to horizon.

A storm brewed, and not just within nature, but within the man at my back too.

I righted myself and went to turn around, only I changed my mind.

I stayed exactly where I was.

“You’re giving me your back, Princess. You do realize that, right?” His deep voice floated over me as he loomed from behind, his intoxicating aroma as well.

“That’s because I already trust you.” I would be prickling with unease otherwise.

“Like hell you do.” A snort, his disbelief clear to hear.

“Honestly, I do.” The tips of my boots rode the fine edge of the cliff where the odd leaf whisked away in the breeze and fluttered over the steep side. Slowly, I turned around and faced him, my gaze directly on his. “Do you want to know how and why?”

“Sure, explain yourself, because right now I’m incredibly tempted to toss you over this cliff.”

“I have a very new and extremely aggravating skill.” I dipped my head, closed my eyes and braced myself for the truth I now needed to speak. “One day soon,” I continued as I lifted my gaze back to his, “I will need you to see to my death.”

“Well, today works for me.” Seizing my arms, he tipped me back until I leaned right over the edge of the ledge at a rather precarious angle, my blond hair fluttering and my sword swaying back heavily on my hip.

I didn’t fight his move though, one which showed his clear dominance, which was exactly what had brought me to him in the first place. “You speak my kind of language, Sorrell.”



Amarisa Sol is a princess of the Eastern Isles of Magio, a privateer who is determined to uncover all the riches of her world, and all while discovering if there is truth behind the supposed end of the war between the countries of Peacio and Dralion.

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