New Release – THE EARL’S BRIDE is Here!

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 The Earl’s Bride, Regency Brides #2

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Death and danger won’t halt this loyal lady from aiding her earl in uncovering the dark secrets within his family. A spine-tingling Regency romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Joanne Wadsworth.

Falling for her isn’t permitted.

Following the brutal murder of his father and elder brother, James Hargrove, the Earl of Donnelly, comes into a title he never expected. His future was set, to join the 18th Royal Hussars and dedicate his life to his king and country. Now, he’s been dragged into the shadowy depths of the underworld as he seeks to discover the impossible—to uncover who murdered his loved ones.

Lady Sophia Trentbury has long since loved the earl and fears for his life when she learns of his decision to uncover who murdered his father and brother. She’ll do whatever it takes to aid him in his mission, even if she must immerse herself in London’s deadly underworld of spies and espionage.

As the earl is swept into a lethal circle of deadly enemies, he must discover what is truth and what is deception, and all while protecting the scorching love of his lady who won’t leave his side, even when he demands it. Can he hope for victory?


Hi everyone, The Earl’s Bride is here! There is something quite special about writing within the Regency era, when heroes and heroines rose up and love knew no bounds. I hope you’ll join me as Sophia and James embark on a whirlwind of an adventure. There is mystery and intrigue around every corner.

I’m going to drop a tasty excerpt below.


James halted next to Sophia where she waited along the upper landing overlooking the main foyer below, her beautiful blue eyes as vivid in color as a summer sky and as deep as the ocean itself. “I might not be wearing my regimentals with a saber and pistol in hand, but that makes me no less suitable as your—your—never mind.”

“I understand you have a murderer to uncover and justice to seek, as well as a large earldom to take the reins of, but you could use a friend at your side.”

“Which is why the Duke of Ashten is here.”

“I wasn’t referring to Ashten as that friend.”

“You and I will never be friends.” He stated that firmly. “You’re meant for another.”

Sophia studied him, her head slanted to one side and the elegant length of her neck exposed. Everything about her intrigued him, as it always had and always would. When deep in thought, she would nibble on her lower lip and plump it up in the most distracting of ways, her sweetly innocent action always bringing a smile to his lips. She did so now, her teeth nipping into the soft flesh.

“Winterly needs to take you in hand.” He crossed his arms.

“I’d rather you did that instead.” She smiled, so damn endearingly. “Or are you in fear of me?”

“I fear nothing.”

“You’re allowing your fear to rule you. Be honest and admit it.”

“There’s simply too much danger for us to be together.”

“You say danger, but I would say intrigue.” She covered his crossed arms with both her gloved hands. “One can’t live their life so questioningly. My dear brother, Harry, would say the same.”

“Harry thrives on danger.” Her brother served with the 18th Royal Hussars and had for several years.

“Yes, Harry loves an adventure, which I do as well.” She raised up on her toes and brushed a soft kiss across his chin, since that was as far as she could reach. “Where is your adventure, my lord?”

“It has been replaced by caution and concern.”

“Well, should you ever wish to embark on an adventure with me, do let me know.” Grinning, she moved back a step, then turned and swept down the stairwell.

“That’ll never happen,” he bit out, gripping the balustrade.


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CHASER is now on Pre-Order! ~ Thrilling, YA/NA, Soul-bonds, Epic Fantasy!

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 Goldie and Sorrell’s Story – Coming 2nd Oct 2017

Chaser, Princesses of Myth #5

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Goldie must embrace a new world, new rules, and a defiant protector she secretly wants. Continue the journey with the Princesses of Myth in this adventurous novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Joanne Wadsworth.

To love and protect…across worlds.

The two warring nations on planet Magio have now been united under a leading team of eight—four warriors from Dralion and four protectors from Peacio—a team who must now work together to bring their divided nations back together as one.

Goldie Wincrest is a princess of Dralion, cursed with a skill she’s never disclosed to another, an ability outlawed from their world centuries ago. She is a Chaser, one who must fight the deadly pull of her assassin ability, only she can no longer trust either herself or her fragmented thoughts any longer. There is only one pathway open to her, to choose her Destroyer and to give him the power he needs to see to her death should she go completely Dark.

Sorrell Sona is a fierce protector, a fighter of unparalleled strength, and when Goldie shares the knowledge of her outlawed ability with him, he is left in a terrible position. He must choose whether he can be her Destroyer should she become one of the Dark, or instead take a chance on seeking to be her savior.

Can he slay a princess of their world should she turn, or is he in too deep with her?


Hi everyone, I’m super excited to be bringing you CHASER, releasing October 2nd, 2017. We’re heading back to the Princesses of Myth, and all the crew are back so you’ll get to catch up with Faith and Davio, Hope and Silas, Silvie and Guy, and Belle and Nicolas. One thing I love, love about Chaser, is that during Goldie’s story we get to unravel more about Donaldo Wincrest of Dralion, and to discover exactly how he came to be such a ruthless king. Goldie and Sorrell absolutely stole my heart in this story, and I hope you love their adventure as much as I do. Catch the exclusive excerpt below for a taste of what’s to come.


I thudded down on a crunchy matting of fallen leaves and pine nettles and almost lost my balance as Sorrell released me. I wobbled at the edge of a sheer cliff where it fell away with rolling forested hills spread out far into the distance. A thick layer of gray cloud swept across the sky, from horizon to horizon.

A storm brewed, and not just within nature, but within the man at my back too.

I righted myself and went to turn around, only I changed my mind.

I stayed exactly where I was.

“You’re giving me your back, Princess. You do realize that, right?” His deep voice floated over me as he loomed from behind, his intoxicating aroma as well.

“That’s because I already trust you.” I would be prickling with unease otherwise.

“Like hell you do.” A snort, his disbelief clear to hear.

“Honestly, I do.” The tips of my boots rode the fine edge of the cliff where the odd leaf whisked away in the breeze and fluttered over the steep side. Slowly, I turned around and faced him, my gaze directly on his. “Do you want to know how and why?”

“Sure, explain yourself, because right now I’m incredibly tempted to toss you over this cliff.”

“I have a very new and extremely aggravating skill.” I dipped my head, closed my eyes and braced myself for the truth I now needed to speak. “One day soon,” I continued as I lifted my gaze back to his, “I will need you to see to my death.”

“Well, today works for me.” Seizing my arms, he tipped me back until I leaned right over the edge of the ledge at a rather precarious angle, my blond hair fluttering and my sword swaying back heavily on my hip.

I didn’t fight his move though, one which showed his clear dominance, which was exactly what had brought me to him in the first place. “You speak my kind of language, Sorrell.”


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New Release – HIGHLANDER’S CLAIM is Here!

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Highlander’s Claim, The Matheson Warriors #2

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He seeks the one his heart desires…

Ailith, the granddaughter of the King of the Fae, travels through time when needed to aid her half-blooded Earthbound kind. Her ability allows her to see visions of war and destruction before it unfolds, and now death is coming for one of the fae warriors she is called to protect, except to save him, she must first discover exactly who he is, and which time he might come from.

Warrior shifter Hunter Matheson is intrigued by Ailith when she arrives through a portal into his twenty-first century time from the year 1211. A feud rages over eight-hundred years in the past between his fae-blooded shifter clan and their neighboring enemy, and now he’s driven in his desires for her, would give his life to protect hers. His fierce need for her strikes him deep within. He’s certain she’s the woman who holds the other half of his soul and now there’s nothing he won’t do to remain right by her side, no matter what war she seeks to halt, or if he’s the very warrior she must save from certain death.

Can Ailith keep Hunter safe, or will he perish exactly as she’s foreseen?

Hi everyone, Highlander’s Claim is here. I’m going to drop a tasty excerpt below. I absolutely loved writing this book, and I can’t wait for you to all meet Cherub’s nieces. Ailith is one of them, and she features in this book, and wow, she leads Hunter on a merry chase during the forging of their mated bond. Expect, action, adventure, battles, and fierce love.


Ailith squeezed her hands into fists and tried not to open the door and bound back out. She both wanted to be with Hunter, and didn’t. His safety was only assured if she set these rising emotions for him aside and returned to the past. She couldn’t take him with her, and he wasn’t permitted to follow. That was the only option moving forward, until she no longer saw a vision of him perishing.

The cracking of bones echoed under the door then the heavy thump and scratch of paws resounded. Shifters could be incredibly territorial and if they were mated, he would be even more territorial due to their bond. Somehow, he’d already tracked her down. Drat it all. She jiggled from foot to foot, so unsure as to what to do. Let Hunter come in and spell him to forget her again? Or ignore him?

More thumping and scratching, a bear’s muzzle pressed to the gap under the doorway and a snort and growl rumbling through. Ugh, he wasn’t leaving, not until she’d dealt with him again. Heart squeezing in on itself, she opened her door and leaned against the doorjamb, then tried her best to assert as much authority into her voice as she could. “What do you want?”

A big bear prowled back and forth, Hunter’s clothing scattered across the floor of the passageway. He’d shifted in a hurry, and boy, did she have her work cut out for her with him. His bear’s golden shifter eyes drilled into hers, his beast holding a stunning brown pelt with white-tipped paws.

He rumbled another grizzly growl, then padded past her into her chamber before turning around in a slow circle in the middle of the room at the end of her four-poster bed. He sat on his rump on the white rug, his front legs straight and ears alert as he observed her like one did when examining a bug under a microscope. Aye, and she was currently the bug.



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Scottish Time Travel Romance Boxed Set Collection

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This collection includes three mesmerizing Scottish time travel romances from New York Times Bestselling Author Joanne Wadsworth.

Don’t miss this heart-pounding historical time travel romance boxed set, with fiercely loyal Highlanders in three enthralling stories that cross the centuries. Riveting ~ adventurous ~ compelling. Includes #1 bestselling Highlander’s Faerie, Highlander’s Kiss, and Highlander’s Shifter.

Hi everyone, here’s a Limited Edition Boxed Set just for you. There are three scrumptious stories in this unforgettable collection, which I hope you’ll love too. Don’t miss out on grabbing your copy today, because this set is only available for a short time.

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NEW RELEASE – Billionaire Bodyguard Fling, a HOT Friends-to-Lovers Romance.


Hello, hello!

Billionaire Bodyguard Fling is here, the third book in my Billionaire Bodyguards series. Are you feeling in the mood for a friends-to-lovers story?

Bodyguard Brigs has been demanding I let you all meet Samantha, the girl he once kissed six years ago, but then stepped away from. Now these two friends are back together in the beautiful Fijian Islands for some mystery, suspense, and a whole lot of loving.

He will sacrifice anything to protect her.

As the daughter of a prominent New Zealand judge, Samantha Knight finds herself being stalked by the very man who has been acquitted of murder in one of her father’s cases. When she escapes to the Fijian Islands in the South Pacific for seclusion, her bodyguard makes chase after her when he learns her stalker is in pursuit.

Brigs Brigstone has never let any client down, or allowed the innocent he protects to be harmed, yet protecting Samantha will be a mission all unto itself. Letting his guard down around her isn’t easy, yet he’s known her his entire life and the spark which has always existed between them is about to burst into flame.

Can he locate her stalker, and all while keeping her out of the enemy’s claws?

Content Note: Short story of 18,000 words, with a sexy bodyguard and a hot heat level. (Standalone novella.)


Available at: Amazon USA | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I shouldn’t have kissed you just now.” Brigs pushed a firm hand through his hair and eyed Samantha. She was toppling his barriers one by one, barriers he’d spent six years erecting between them. Six years. One provocative kiss, and in all this time, he’d never once stopped wanting her. “My work is dangerous, and I’m often away on location with clients.”

“I’m aware of how seriously you take your job, and I love that you do.” She swished closer, her long brown hair swaying so damn enticingly about her hips, and those denim cutoffs of hers showing off two beautiful lean legs. Cutoffs that were also far too short. Yeah, if she bent over in them, he’d be able to make out the lower curves of her ass.

Nope, no thinking about her very fine ass. He frowned, forced his mind back on the right track. “That means I have no time for a relationship, not with any woman, not even with you, Sammy.”

“You could make time if you wanted to, but I’m not asking for a lifetime commitment. All I’m asking for is that you join me in my bedroom. Maybe if we slept together this once”—she raised one sassy brow, her voice all sultry and hot—“we might be able to release this simmering tension between us. We could enjoy a short fling as such. What do you say?”

Want to Catch the rest of the Series? Book One is FREE!


Book #1, Standalone Novel.

Lydia’s bodyguard will sacrifice anything to protect her.


Available at: Amazon USA | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

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Book #2, Standalone Novel.

Saria’s on the run from a relentless killer, and confined with her bodyguard, sparks fly.


Available at: Amazon USA | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Also available at: Nook | iBooks | Kobo


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New Release from Joanne Wadsworth – HIGHLANDER’S SHIFTER!




20-highlanders_shifter_1He seeks the one his heart desires…

With their fae-blooded clan teetering on the verge of extinction, Jamie Matheson finds himself battling a deep attraction to one of the few remaining unmated women within his clan, a woman he’s not permitted to touch unless a soul bond forms between them. Like his fellow clansmen, he must ensure her protection, even if that means from himself.

Annabella wishes to forge a mated bond with only one man, yet when Jamie treks deep into the Highlands in order to put some distance between them, she soon discovers not all is as it seems, not when her very spirit calls out to Jamie’s from across the ages. It appears they’ve both lived in two separate times, here in the future and far in the past, and now if they ever wish to complete the bond and come together as one, they must first right the wrongs of their deadly past. It’s time to return to when they first discovered their mated bond began, the year 1211.

Come and immerse yourself in this riveting historical time travel romance, one which crosses the centuries and brings together lost souls.

A standalone novel in The Matheson Warriors series.

Surprise! Highlander’s Shifter has now released. We’re back with Murdock Matheson’s clan with a story that sure had me buzzing as I wrote it. Expect adventure, twists and turns, time travel, hunky Highlanders, and bear shifters. I sure hope you like this feisty pair and the adventure they embark on. Also, at the end of this newsletter, click the pic to enter the Karen Marie Moning Novel Giveaway on offer. It’s just for my readers.

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Jamie slid one arm around Bella’s waist and tipped her back against the warm black metal of his SUV door before muttering, “This is a dangerous mission, with not only two rogue bears on the loose but me as well, and I’m one damn hungry unmated male after a bond. Don’t take my warning lightly, Annabella.”

“Bella. And I’m well aware you’re one damn hungry male.” She ran her hands up over his large biceps and curled her fingers around them. “Clearly you need to stake your claim while we’re here. I understand why with two possible rogues so near, so whatever you need to do to calm your bear, then do it. Stake whatever claim you wish. Cover me in your scent, and if that’s not enough, I give you permission to kiss me.”

“I want to do more than saturate you in my scent.” He nuzzled her neck, scraped his teeth back and forth across her pounding pulse point and sent all her thoughts scattering as he did. “I’m ravenous, have been walking an incredibly tight line around you of late.”

“And I trust you to keep walking along that tight line and not to deviate from it.” Certainly no man had ever made her feel so safe and secure as Jamie did, no matter the current frustration rising within him and leaking past his guards. “I wouldn’t mind if you took me up on my offer though. Smother me in your scent and kiss me.”

She’d been dreaming of how he’d kiss her, how he’d touch his lips to hers and share the same breath as her. His gaze narrowed and that delicious rumble vibrated again in his chest and rose upward. It left his throat in a snarly rasp and she couldn’t help but tighten her grip on his arms. “I dare you to kiss me, Jamie.”

“Careful, Bella. You’re treading into dangerous territory.”

“And you’re not treading into it quite fast enough.”

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New Release from Joanne Wadsworth – HIGHLANDER’S TOUCH





One soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1211, Scottish Highlands.

As the Laird of Carron Castle, Coll MacKenzie has agreed to wed the daughter of his clan’s allied chief in order to strengthen their bonds, only when he returns home after months away, it’s to discover a woman ensconced within his household who could so easily shatter all his well devised plans. Fae-blooded Fiona is the only woman who’s ever challenged him in ways that spoke to his very heart, and even though she holds the other half of his soul, he must still turn her away. His clan’s future depends upon it.

Fiona has always been drawn to Coll’s strength and courage, has always held the secret of his fae blood close to her heart, but now she’s discovered they’re soul bound, she has no intention of allowing him to turn her away. It’s time to enforce the mated hunt, a chase all her fae kind long to begin.

Theirs is a battle of the very heart and soul, of desire flaring fierce and strong, and of a hunt across the beautiful wilds of Scotland during a time of war.

A standalone novel in The Fae series.

Surprise! Highlander’s Touch has now released. I’ve had so much fun writing Coll and Fiona’s story. This is a super-fun read to relax with, and I sure hope you like this feisty pair and the adventure they embark on. Also, at the end of this newsletter, click the pic to enter the Diana Gabaldon Novel Giveaway on offer. It’s just for my readers.

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Fiona had never seen Coll so stripped down and very naked before.

Back a step, she inched until she hit her back on the corner bedpost. She cast her gaze down his impressively built body once more, his muscles all sleek and hard and—she cleared her throat. “So, I see you’re a big man, ah, everywhere.

“Aye, I’m most definitely dreaming, because that is exactly what I would have wanted you to say when you first looked upon me.” The gold flecks flickered brighter in his stunning brown eyes and with one finger crooked, he motioned for her to come back to him. “Dinnae be afraid of me, my fiery empath.”

“I’ve never been afraid of you, but then I’ve never quite seen you like this afore.” Return she would though. She inched forward, until the tips of her toes touched the tips of his bare toes, then she tipped her chin up and looked him in the eyes. “You appeared to be enjoying your bath, while you spoke my name.”

“Aye, I always do speak of you when I bathe and dream like this.” He wrapped his hands around her waist, dipped her back off her feet and touched his mouth to hers. He kissed her, so whisper-soft, as if he wished to savor the taste of her then with a low growl, he deepened their kiss, his tongue sliding over hers in a kiss that completely scattered all her thoughts.

Naught had ever felt so right.

Coll was kissing her, for the first time, and he was completely naked too.

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Freebie Alert + Hot Cover Reveal – HIGHLANDER'S CARESS.

I’m so excited to be sharing the new cover for Highlander’s Caress with you. This new release is available for Pre-Order on Amazon, B&N, ibooks, & Kobo, so you can order your copy and it’ll be delivered automatically to your ereader on June 25th, 2016.

Year 1211, Scottish Highlands. Duncan MacKenzie is on the hunt for a band of enemy warriors when he is driven straight into the path of the fae-blooded lass whose brother is amongst the men he chases. Now, he must resist her charms, no matter she declares he’s her soul bound mate.



The Fae Series, Book Two


18 Highlander's_Caress_#2

Available for Pre-Order at: Amazon US,

Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU.

Also available at: Nook, ibooks, Kobo



One soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1211, Scottish Highlands.

Duncan MacKenzie is the Laird of Ardan House, an honorable and fierce Highland warrior on the chase for a band of enemy warriors who are intent on his destruction, only as he hunts them down, he runs into a lass who poses the greatest challenge. He’s drawn to the dark-haired enchantress who holds the fae ability to compel, a lass also intent on finding her brother who travels with the band of men he currently hunts. At every turn, she challenges his steely resolve, captivates and enthralls him, as well as unleashes his passion when it’s never arisen for another woman before.

Spirited lass Ella Matheson is stunned to discover that the maddeningly rugged warrior hunting down her brother is the very man who makes her heart beat faster and her soul lift higher—a man who is her soul bound mate. Finding her chosen one within the enemy’s ranks stuns her, yet she’s never given up a challenge, and now she’s bound and determined to bind this man who should be her enemy right to her side.

Theirs is a battle of rivalry and dare, of untamed passion rising strong and true, and of a journey to forge the bond between two mates during a time of war.

A standalone novel in The Fae series.



Highlander’s Desire, Book #1

Come and experience the magic of the Highlands, with powerful warriors, captivating time travel, hunky bear shifters and glorious fae legends. Highlander’s Desire is book one in The Matheson Brothers series, and currently FREE.

night in a forest

Highlander’s Desire FREE at: Amazon US,

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Highlander’s Bride- Release Day

Hello, my friends,

I’m so thrilled to bring you Ronan and Kyla’s story, HIGHLANDER’S BRIDE, which releases today. I hope you too will get swept away in their romantic adventure as they discover their mated bond and the fierce pull it has on them. Come and join them on their journey, one which will take you through the beautiful Highlands and of course, back to where all those glorious fae legends come to vibrant life.

Year 1210, Scottish Highlands. Kidnapped as a child by a fierce chief for her revered fae blood, Kyla’s only known one clan. Now she’s being hunted by an enemy warrior from amongst her true kin, a warrior who insists they are soul bound.


Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU.

Also available at: Nook, iBooks, Kobo

Paperback: Amazon


17 Highlander's_Bride_#1One soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1210, Scottish Highlands.

Kidnapped as a wee lass by a fierce Highland chief, Kyla MacKenzie has been raised for the past twenty years as the chief’s foster daughter, the ruthless chief a man who threatened to kill her parents should she ever speak the truth about her abduction. The chief covets her fae blood and when she’s asked to tend to a captured enemy warrior and discovers they hold a soul bond, all her secrets could be exposed and her parents’ lives endangered.

Warrior Ronan Matheson discovers his chosen one is the foster daughter of his clan’s greatest enemy, a lass he’s been searching for his entire life, although when his fellow warriors come to his rescue and he escapes from within the enemy’s walls, he must then turn around and find a way to get back in, and all without his actual identity being discovered. It’s time to bind his chosen one to him, and for her to learn all about her true clan.

Theirs is a battle of lost love, of passion flaring hot and strong, and of a journey to bridge the gap between two warring clans.

Highlander's Bride Graphic 2


Exclusive Excerpt:

For the past month since Ronan’s escape from Carron Castle’s dungeons all he’d wished to do was heal then ensure an adequate disguise so he might return to Kyla without anyone discovering his true identity. He longed to see the fiery spark in her blue eyes. She was spectacular, mesmerizing, a true Scottish lass with the fire of the fae in her blood. Aye, no more would he allow his mate to deny their bond.

Along the trail, he snuck then halted as up ahead splashing trickled toward him.

With nary a noise, he stepped out from amongst the thick trees encircling a clearing. Sunshine rippled across the glistening surface of a perfectly round pool holding his enticing siren within.

Scooping water at her sides, Kyla floated on her back, her waist-length locks splaying out like a lily pad of golden-red, her dainty face upturned and eyes closed. The water swelled around her, cascaded over her bare legs and belly. Her full breasts rose above the surface and—hell. He hadn’t expected to find her without a stitch of clothing on.

He should turn away, give her the privacy she desired, only doing so right now was impossible. Her lips, softly parted, drew his gaze even though every curved inch of her remained on glorious display. His chosen one had been raised far away from her true clan, and now his battle to capture and contain his fiery mate had begun, a battle he’d never walk away from.

Today, she’d learn that the fae never gave up on one of their own.

He lowered his satchel to the ground, toed off his boots and unbelted his sword. ’Twas time for his mate to see he was back and wasn’t leaving without her, not one more time. At the edge of the pool, he planted his hands on his hips, determination spurring him on. “Kyla.”

Water splashed and his enticing siren gasped and dunked under the surface. She came back up spluttering, her beautiful blue eyes alight. “Coll? What are you—” She scrubbed her knuckles into her eyes then blinked. “Nay, you’re no’ Coll. Who are you?”

“Rand MacKenzie, my lady, at your service.”


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Highlander’s Castle – Free! Mar 18th-2oth.


1 HighlandersCastle

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She travels through time and handfasts with a Highland warrior… Now, he must defy the odds to keep her…


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21 Boxed Set cover 3

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