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One soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1211, Scottish Highlands.

Coll MacKenzie is betrothed to the daughter of an allied chief when the fae-blooded woman he’s always secretly desired declares they are soul bound. Duty demands he set her aside, only when she enforces the hunt, he’s instead drawn into a chase unlike any other.

A standalone novel in The Fae series.

Highlander’s Bride, #1
Highlander’s Caress, #2
Highlander’s Touch, #3

Exclusive excerpt:

Fiona had never seen Coll so stripped down and very naked before.

Back a step, she inched until she hit her back on the corner bedpost. She cast her gaze down his impressively built body once more, his muscles all sleek and hard and—she cleared her throat. “So, I see you’re a big man, ah, everywhere.”

“Aye, I’m most definitely dreaming, because that is exactly what I would have wanted you to say when you first looked upon me.” The gold flecks flickered brighter in his stunning brown eyes and with one finger crooked, he motioned for her to come back to him. “Dinnae be afraid of me, my fiery empath.”

“I’ve never been afraid of you, but then I’ve never quite seen you like this afore.” Return she would though. She inched forward, until the tips of her toes touched the tips of his bare toes, then she tipped her chin up and looked him in the eyes. “You appeared to be enjoying your bath, while you spoke my name.”

“Aye, I always do speak of you when I bathe and dream like this.” He wrapped his hands around her waist, dipped her back off her feet and touched his mouth to hers. He kissed her, so whisper-soft, as if he wished to savor the taste of her then with a low growl, he deepened their kiss, his tongue sliding over hers in a kiss that completely scattered all her thoughts.

Naught had ever felt so right.

Coll was kissing her, for the first time, and he was completely naked too.