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z giveawayOne soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1211, Scottish Highlands.

Duncan MacKenzie is the Laird of Ardan House, an honorable and fierce Highland warrior on the chase for a band of enemy warriors who are intent on his destruction, only as he hunts them down, he runs into a lass who poses the greatest challenge. He’s drawn to the dark-haired enchantress who holds the fae ability to compel, a lass also intent on finding her brother who travels with the band of men he currently hunts. At every turn, she challenges his steely resolve, captivates and enthralls him, as well as unleashes his passion when it’s never arisen for another woman before.

Spirited lass Ella Matheson is stunned to discover that the maddeningly rugged warrior hunting down her brother is the very man who makes her heart beat faster and her soul lift higher—a man who is her soul bound mate. Finding her chosen one within the enemy’s ranks stuns her, yet she’s never given up a challenge, and now she’s bound and determined to bind this man who should be her enemy, right to her side.

Theirs is a battle of rivalry and dare, of untamed passion rising strong and true, and of a journey to forge the bond between two mates during a time of war.

A standalone novel in The Fae series.

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I’m so thrilled that Highlander’s Caress is now here. This is a story close to my heart, particularly since I get to return to Dunscaith Castle and clan MacDonald on Skye, a clan of which I recently learnt from my 91-year-old grandmother that I’m directly related to through my maternal line. Unfortunately, the MacDonalds are also the villains in this book, which means I will have some explaining to do with Nanna before she reads this story. 🙂 Below are all the links if you’d like to grab your copy. Also, at the end of this newsletter, click the pic to enter the Diana Gabaldon Novel Giveaway on offer, plus the last chance entry into the $2000 Mega PNR Giveaway.

Duncan MacKenzie is on the hunt for a band of enemy warriors when he is driven straight into the path of the fae-blooded lass whose brother is amongst the men he chases. Now, he must resist her charms, no matter she declares he’s her soul bound mate.

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“Playing with you could be dangerous, Duncan.” Although unable to help herself, Ella shuffled forward in her seat. Making the first move, she selected a chess piece and slid it across the board and into position. Aye, naught more did she thrive on than coming up against a new opponent, and Duncan MacKenzie made one very fine one at that.

“Yet you’re a fae compeller, while I’m merely a warrior with the ability to wield a blade. It should be me who says playing with you could be dangerous.” He moved his chosen piece, the fire’s glow flickering across his high cheeks.

“Aye, with one word I could alter this game.”

“You would cheat against me?” Moving swiftly, he reached across, nabbed her woolen cap from her head and dropped it into her lap before easing back and eyeing her long locks as they swished down and swayed about her waist. “My apologies, but I needed to see more of you.”

“I’ll certainly cheat if you do that again.” He had the reflexes of a warrior, swift and precise and she’d best not forget it. She wound her hair back up and stuffed her cap overtop of it, tugged the wool down good and proper so he couldn’t so easily do that again. “So, would you truly have wed the MacDonald’s daughter to end this current feud?”

“Aye, do you no’ agree a marriage of alliance would have been worthwhile?”

“Such marriages arenae the way of my clan. We wait for our chosen one to claim us then join only with them.”

“I’m aware of how your people join together when mated.” He searched her gaze. “Are you wed, Ella, or do you still await your chosen one?”

“I wait, as patiently as I can.”

“What if he never comes?”

“He will.”

“You have such faith.” Gently, he laid his hand over top of hers and whispered, “Turn your hand over.”

For some reason she did, until their palms lay flush together and a new warmth enveloped her and rippled outward from her core.

With the softest caress, he stroked her palm with his thumb in one very slow, enticing circle, his gaze holding hers and not wavering one bit. “You, Ella, are the most intriguing lass I’ve ever met.”

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Ebook also available at: Nook, Kobo, iBooks

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