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Scottish Time Travel Romance Boxed Set Collection

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Come and immerse yourself in this riveting historical time travel romance boxed set, with three compelling stories that cross the centuries and bring together lost souls. Includes #1 bestselling Highlander’s Desire, Highlander’s Castle, and Highlander’s Champion.

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If you love heroes, from Highlanders who travel through time, to alpha bodyguards, and princes from other worlds, then grab this Limited Edition collection today!

MUST LOVE HEROES is a must-read. This boxed set includes #1 bestselling Highlander’s Shifter, Billionaire Bodyguard Attraction, and YA/NA epic fantasy romance Protector.

Hi everyone, I’ve had some fun putting together these two Limited Edition Boxed Sets, just for you. These are some of my favorite stories boxed into two scrumptious collections, which I hope you’ll love too. Don’t miss out on grabbing your copies today, because they’re only available for a short time.

On the writing front, I’ve had my head down and fingers flying. Highlander’s Claim will be here July 25th and is currently available for pre-order. While The Duke’s Bride, my first Regency Romance, is coming October 24th (not yet on pre-order.) I had so much fun writing about the Duke of Ashten and his runaway bride. I actually had no idea how much I’d love dipping into England 1810. The research involved in writing this book was intense, about three weeks long, but so incredibly enjoyable. I may also have driven my hubby and kids slightly insane over that time while I recounted all I’d learnt. They should be right up to speed now though on almost every facet of the Napoleonic Wars. Haha. And if not, I’ll get them there in no time.

Here are the pre-order links again for Highlander’s Claim if you’d like them ~

 Highlander’s Claim, The Matheson Warriors #2

Ailith, the granddaughter of the King of the Fae, travels through time when needed to aid her half-blooded Earthbound kind. Her ability allows her to see visions of war and destruction before it unfolds, and now death is coming for one of the fae warriors she is called to protect, except to save him, she must first discover exactly who he is, and which time he might come from.

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Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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NEW RELEASE – Billionaire Bodyguard Fling, a HOT Friends-to-Lovers Romance.


Hello, hello!

Billionaire Bodyguard Fling is here, the third book in my Billionaire Bodyguards series. Are you feeling in the mood for a friends-to-lovers story?

Bodyguard Brigs has been demanding I let you all meet Samantha, the girl he once kissed six years ago, but then stepped away from. Now these two friends are back together in the beautiful Fijian Islands for some mystery, suspense, and a whole lot of loving.

He will sacrifice anything to protect her.

As the daughter of a prominent New Zealand judge, Samantha Knight finds herself being stalked by the very man who has been acquitted of murder in one of her father’s cases. When she escapes to the Fijian Islands in the South Pacific for seclusion, her bodyguard makes chase after her when he learns her stalker is in pursuit.

Brigs Brigstone has never let any client down, or allowed the innocent he protects to be harmed, yet protecting Samantha will be a mission all unto itself. Letting his guard down around her isn’t easy, yet he’s known her his entire life and the spark which has always existed between them is about to burst into flame.

Can he locate her stalker, and all while keeping her out of the enemy’s claws?

Content Note: Short story of 18,000 words, with a sexy bodyguard and a hot heat level. (Standalone novella.)


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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I shouldn’t have kissed you just now.” Brigs pushed a firm hand through his hair and eyed Samantha. She was toppling his barriers one by one, barriers he’d spent six years erecting between them. Six years. One provocative kiss, and in all this time, he’d never once stopped wanting her. “My work is dangerous, and I’m often away on location with clients.”

“I’m aware of how seriously you take your job, and I love that you do.” She swished closer, her long brown hair swaying so damn enticingly about her hips, and those denim cutoffs of hers showing off two beautiful lean legs. Cutoffs that were also far too short. Yeah, if she bent over in them, he’d be able to make out the lower curves of her ass.

Nope, no thinking about her very fine ass. He frowned, forced his mind back on the right track. “That means I have no time for a relationship, not with any woman, not even with you, Sammy.”

“You could make time if you wanted to, but I’m not asking for a lifetime commitment. All I’m asking for is that you join me in my bedroom. Maybe if we slept together this once”—she raised one sassy brow, her voice all sultry and hot—“we might be able to release this simmering tension between us. We could enjoy a short fling as such. What do you say?”

Want to Catch the rest of the Series? Book One is FREE!


Book #1, Standalone Novel.

Lydia’s bodyguard will sacrifice anything to protect her.


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Book #2, Standalone Novel.

Saria’s on the run from a relentless killer, and confined with her bodyguard, sparks fly.


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Billionaire Bodyguards and ONE FREE eBook!

Hello, hello! Billionaire Bodyguards is here, and to celebrate the release of this two-book series, I’ve made sure Book #1 is FREE!

Come journey to the beautiful Fijian Islands, where there are alpha billionaire bodyguards, feisty heroines, and an adventure of untold dangers and delights to come.


Lydia’s bodyguard will sacrifice anything to protect her.

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BILLIONAIRE BODYGUARD BOSS, Book #2. (Standalone Novel.)

Saria’s on the run from a relentless killer, and confined with her bodyguard, sparks fly.

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Hot, sexy Bodyguards. Bodyguard Pursuit released today!

Bodyguard Pursuit – Release Day

Hello everyone, I can’t believe that BODYGUARD PURSUIT is now out. This is a sexy summer read with action, suspense and a whole lot of romance. Ben is a hot bodyguard and Saria is his client, and when these two come together, two hearts collide and fireworks explode. This book is set in beautiful Fiji, which makes for a stunning island backdrop. (Each book in this Bodyguards series is stand-alone.)

She’s on the run from a relentless killer… He’s her bodyguard and will do anything to protect her.


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Alone at sea. On the run from a killer . . .

It’s been a year since Saria Sands entered The Program, her last chance to stay one step ahead of a relentless killer. When Bodyguard and Weapons expert Ben Hammers sends her on a private yacht to the South Pacific, Saria agrees. But confined in close quarters together on the yacht, Saria can’t help desiring more with her mysterious protector.

Ben Hammers will do anything to protect Saria. She’s more than just a job. Protecting the innocent is Ben’s only way to right a wrong he’s kept hidden his whole life, a secret that has kept him from forming a connection with any woman, let alone the one he wants more than anything.

Ben knows he can’t let his guard down. But the more time he spends with Saria, the further he finds himself slipping…


Exclusive Excerpt:

In bed, Ben fixed the thin strap of Saria’s singlet top that had slid off her shoulder. “What are you thinking right now?”

“I’m wondering how quickly you could disarm me if I attempted to make a move.”

“Less than a second.” He draped the bed sheet over his lower body, and she lost half her glorious sight. “Which means you’re not permitted to. I don’t want to hurt you, and I am trained to immobilize any threat.”

“And you consider me a threat?”

“Of the greatest sort. I don’t do relationships, Saria. I’ve told you that before.”

Yes, her bodyguard had told her that the night he’d started sleeping in her bed. He’d made his position more than clear, that their new arrangement was necessary because of what her therapist had said. “I’ve never asked for a relationship, and being stuck in The Program made that impossible. Some fun though would be nice.” Slowly, she stretched her fingers and hovered her hand over his chest. She waited for him to halt her, but the seconds ticked by. “You’re not stopping me.”

“You haven’t done anything yet.”

“I said I’m after some fun.” She pressed down and with lightning speed, he trapped her fingers against his warm skin. His heart beat soundly under her palm.

“Fun isn’t permitted between us.” He rolled toward her, his brows slashing down. “Clients have the potential to form an attachment to their bodyguard, and at times bodyguards can become as dependent, needing to keep an overly watchful eye and all.”

“I might be dependent on you, but I like it.”

“We’ll muddle through and find a way to break our codependency.”

“Muddling is good, breaking is not.” She leaned in, rubbed her nose against his. “You should know I’ve fantasized about kissing you.”

“Breaking our bonds means no kissing.”

“I’ve also fantasized about you kissing me.”

“You’re not being very helpful, Saria. You promised not to pounce, which you are.”

“And you said you wouldn’t let me. I also noticed your last answer wasn’t a direct no.”

“Taking my pants off gave you the wrong idea.” He pressed forward with his body and steered her back onto her side before rolling back to his. “I want you to sleep. You need the rest and so do I. Tomorrow I’ll get my own room and we’ll begin on inserting some space. A little at a time so our codependency has a chance of retracting.”

“Sleep and retracting are technical terms that just went right over my head. Sorry, but you’re out of luck.” She wriggled one leg over his. “I want to feel your mouth on mine, to see how deep this connection between us goes.”

“There’s no connection.” He stroked her upper leg.

Sure there wasn’t.


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Thank you for joining me for this release day.

~ Joanne

Sexy Hot Cover Reveal – BODYGUARD PURSUIT.

I’m so excited to bring you the cover reveal for


Bodyguards, Book Two


Bodyguard Pursuit

Coming in 2015

Available for Pre-Order at: Amazon Kindle


And here’s the unofficial blurb. I’m still waiting for the official blurb from my publisher, but I wanted to bring you something.


One witness…one bodyguard…one life.

Saria Sands wants to fight her fears and put the past year of being in The Program behind her. When her bodyguard places her on board a super-yacht cruising the South Pacific, she’s determined to bridge that final gap between them, take a jump and shed her inhibitions. Time though is not on her side, not as a new killer begins closing in.

Bodyguard Ben Hammers holds his own debilitating secret, and as the son of a criminal, he’s spent his entire life trying to right the wrongs of his past. Still a virgin at thirty-two, he finds himself falling for the one woman he’s vowed to protect, and the one woman he can never have.

While in pursuit of her bodyguard, Saria must strike the right deal for them both. Can she find a way to free the man she loves from his haunting past…and remain clear of the enemy’s clutches?


I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.

~ Joanne